Welcome to St Peter Catholic Church
Welcome to St Peter Catholic Church in this Diocesan Year of the Family and Marriage


Dear Parishioners,

God provides! That is the message of the readings this weekend, even though we probably find it difficult to believe. When we look at our world and see so many people hungry and even starving, when we see droughts and famines, when we see violence on every side – how can we believe that God will provide? This is such an enormous question today and probably most people simply no longer believe in a God because of that.

There are some interpreters of Scripture who would say that the miracle would be if those of us who had food would share it. That would indeed be a miracle! But it does not seem to be what is happening in our readings today. Rather, God seems to multiply food so that there is enough for everyone to eat and be filled – and there is still food left over. This is a story of abundance, not of having just enough.

We need to remind ourselves, of course, that God is never promising to anyone that He will give free food to everyone all the time. There is no promise that everyone who prays will somehow get enough food. Instead, these two miracles are the kinds of miracles that we see happening around us: there are people who are cured of cancer, people who are cured of other diseases, people who are cured of emotional problems and people who have other kinds of miracles. But they are rarely people we know and so we often have our doubts about miracles.

Our whole faith tradition tells us that miracles happen, and yet today so many have difficulties in believing that. It would be wonderful if each believing person would actually have the experience of seeing a miracle happen: some miraculous cure, some totally impossible situation change, something that could convince that God does act, even today.

Another deeply important aspect of today’s readings is that the people want miracles and that they hunger for God’s word, not just for physical food. Probably we also want miracles and would love to hunger for God’s word! May that Word form us today and help us walk in the way of our God and see the world always in the perspective of God’s word.


With prayer,

Fr G.



PS: Click here to view pictures of Bishop Sheridan’s recent trip to Lourdes, France.  Scroll down to the last pictures in the Parish Photo Album.


RemembranceFaith Formation

Faith Formation is in need of catechists and aides, peer ministers, and group leaders. If you can spare couple of hours a week helping out in one of more of these areas, we want you! You don’t need a degree or experience in teaching to work with the kids — and we provide the training to help you. The rewards are great! So listen to that inner voice – it might be telling you something! Contact Shirley Michalak at shirley.michalak@petertherock.org or phone 719-481-3511 ext. 1090.

CampusCampus Ministry

Did you know our Diocese has a Campus Ministry program which serves all of the college-age students in the Colorado Springs Diocese? The program is making progress and growing, but there are still many young people in our Diocese who are not yet aware of the ministry and all that it offers. Check out the Campus Ministry Website. There is also a Facebook page, “Catholic Fire,” which provides additional information on current and upcoming activities. Father Kyle, the ministry director, can be reached at fatheringels@gmail.com or at 202-270-3519.

stmoreReligious Freedom

We must continue our prayers for our nation and become educated, articulate, and active supporters of our religious freedom.  St. Thomas More, Patron of Religious Freedom, Pray for Us. To voice your opinion in the public square, you can contact your elected representatives as follows reference religious liberty in America:

Charitable Needs

  • July Tri-Lakes Cares Requests: Household cleaners (window cleaner, disinfectant, floor cleaner, etc); Dishwasher detergent; Liquid Dish Soap (for handwashing dishes); Aluminum Foil & Plastic Wrap; Ziploc bags – all sizes; Tall Kitchen Trash Bags; Powdered Laundry Detergent; Paper Towels; Facial Tissue; Razors – male and female; Shaving Lotion – male & female; Deodorant – male and female; Toothbrushes; Lotion; Shampoo & Conditioner.
  • Catholic Charities/Marian House:  Blankets, towels, razors, and toiletries.
  • School Supplies Drive:  See the new supplies needed below.
    • Tri Lakes Cares – Tri-Lakes Cares is starting its Annual School Supplies Drive, which will allow it to provide about 300 local kids with the supplies they need for the upcoming school year. Each year, TLC partners with generous groups in the community to come together to help us collect these supplies. It can be a fun activity for families to do together and it truly does make a huge impact on the kids that we help! Donate at Tri-Lakes Cares, 235 Jefferson St., Monday, 12-3 pm, and 6-8 pm, and Thursday, 12-3 pm.  Donations needed by Monday, August 7th.
    • New Supplies Needed: Colored pencils, colored composition notebooks, flash drives, plastic folders with brads, multicolored highlighters, 4 pack expo makers, black dry erase markers, Crayola markers  – 8-12 ct, wide
      zipper pencil pouches, protractors, compasses, Fiskar scissors, graph paper, sharpies, Crayola or Prang water colors,
      glue sticks, accordion folders, backpacks, TI-30 Calculators, wide rule paper refills, felt tip black pens, stenographer pads, and combination Locks.



Welcome to St Peter Catholic Church in this Diocesan Year for Marriage and Family.