Saint Peter Church Vision Statement

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Dear Parishioners,


There is no greater proof of God’s love for us than the sending of his Son to become one with us in our humanity and to lay down his life for us.  “To ransom a slave God gave his Son” (an ancient prayer from the Easter vigil liturgy).  God sent his Son to free us from the worst of tyrannies – slavery to sin and the curse of death.  Jesus’ sacrificial death was an act of total love in self-giving. Jesus gave himself completely out of love for his Father.  And he
willingly laid down his life out of selfless love for our sake and for our salvation.  His death on the cross was both a total offering to God and the perfect sacrifice of atonement for our sin and the sin of the world.John tells us that God’s love cannot be limited because it is boundless and encompasses all of creation (John 3:16).  His love is not limited to a single nation or a few chosen friends.  His love is limitless because it embraces the whole world and every individual created in “his image and likeness”.  God is a persistent loving Father who cannot rest until all of his wandering children have returned home to him.  Saint Augustine says, “God loves each one of us as if there were only one of us to love.”

God gives us the freedom to choose whom and what we will love and not love.  Jesus shows us the paradox of love and forgiveness and judgment and condemnation.  We can love the darkness of sin and unbelief or we can love the light of God’s truth, goodness, and mercy.  If our love is guided by truth, goodness, and that which is truly beautiful, then we will choose for God and love him above all else. What we love shows what we prefer.  Do you love God who is the supreme good above all else?  And do you seek to put him first in all your thoughts, cares, choices, and actions?

God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the gift of the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5).  Do you allow God’s love to purify your heart and the way you treat others?  Do you allow God’s love to transform your mind and the way you think of others?  Do you allow God’s love to conquer every unruly passion and addiction that would enslave you to sin and harmful behavior?  The Holy Spirit gives us his seven-fold gifts of wisdom and understanding, right  judgment and courage, knowledge and reverence for God and his ways, and a holy fear in God’s presence (see Isaiah 11) that we may live God’s way of life and serve in the power and strength of his enduring love and mercy.  Do you thirst for new life in the Spirit?

Yours In Prayer,

Padre G


The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Week of September 14, 2014

Adoration Chapel

Do you know that we have an Adoration Chapel at Saint Peter? Do you know what Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is? Would you like to know more? We would like to sign up adorers to pray in the Chapel every hour from 8:00 AM Monday through 5:30 PM Friday. For more information, call Kay Stone at (719) 481-9258 or Tara Stone at (719) 650-4485, or email . You can also sign up online here or visit the Saint Peter Adoration webpage for more information and to sign up.

Religious Freedom

We must continue our prayers for our nation and become educated, articulate, and active supporters of our religious freedom.  St. Thomas More, Patron of Religious Freedom, Pray for Us. To voice your opinion in the public square, you can contact your elected representatives as follows reference religious liberty in America, see the Federal Legislative Branch website:

Getting Out to Vote

We must do all we can to encourage our parishioners to vote in November, but also to provide them with the kinds of materials that can help them cast a conscientious vote. Unfortunately many of our people still vote in ways that have little or nothing to do with their Catholic faith or with natural law.  Remember that the upcoming election will be the first all write-in vote in the state. Ballots will reach voters by mid-October. Fully one half of those ballots will be returned within a week.  The parish will be providing voting materials from the Colorado Catholic Conference shortly, so watch this space carefully and they will be posted below as follows: 

Tri Lakes Cares Needs for September

Our theme this month is boxed mixes: Boxed Macaroni & Cheese; Pasta Sides; Rice Sides; Pancake Mix; Tuna, Chicken, and Hamburger Helper; Dessert Mixes – Cake, Sweet Breads, etc.; and Bisquick or other Baking Mixes.

Saint Peter Five-Year Plan Has Arrived   

The St. Peter Parish Council has compiled and prayerfully reviewed parish survey results, including 434 survey questionnaires, inputs from 65 town hall attendees, and 50 interviews. Also included in our review were data from the surrounding communities. We would like to thank all those who’ve participated in the process by filling out survey questionnaires, responding to interview requests, and/or participating in one of our two town hall planning meetings. Because of this feedback, a plan has been created that will help guide St. Peter Parish into the future. Thank you. To view the plan, click on the banner above.

Human Trafficking Aware-A-Thon

Human Trafficking Aware-A-Thon, sponsored by the St. Peter Prayer Pants Ministry, is coming to St. Peter Catholic Church on September 26th & 27th.

The Human Trafficking Aware-A-Thon begins with Holy Hour at 5:30pm as we pray for victims and survivors of sex trafficking and the conversion of hearts. Immediately following are presentations from guest speakers to address sex trafficking in our area and what we can do to make a difference.

On Saturday, a Prayer Pants Ministry Sew-In takes place where volunteers sew flannel lounge pants as they pray for the victims and survivors of human trafficking.  That evening the Aware-A-Thon continues with Mass at 5:00pm followed by the movie, “Nefarious, Merchant of Souls.” Nefarious is a documentary that exposes the disturbing trends of modern day sex slavery  (mature audience – 16+ years).  See  the flyer for more information.

Operation Cross Country took place a couple weeks ago in an attempt to crack down on sex trafficking across the United States. 168 girls were rescued and our Prayer Pants went to some of these victims.

October is Respect Life Month

October is Respect Life Month and Saint Peter parish is participating in a number of events scheduled for this time.  Click here to view the October calendar on the Respect Life webpage.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Do you know someone who wants to be Catholic? Or do you know someone who was baptized Catholic but has not practiced the faith?  Then call John Huntington at (719) 640-8008 to ask him about our RCIA program at Saint Peter.  See also the RCIA webpage for more information.

Saint Peter Youth Group (SPYG)

CONTEMPORARY CELEBRATION MASS: Beginning October 18, 2014 on the third Saturday of each month, we will be offering a PARISH WIDE Contemporary Celebration Praise and Worship musical experience.  The Youth Group and Youth Choir will serve as the liturgical ministers during the Mass followed by Praise and Worship brought to us by Life Support Band from 6:30-7:00PM.  The Youth Group will then meet from 7:00-8:00PM (bring your own dinner or a snack to share). Contact me at or 481-3511.

Main Office: phone (719) 481-3511, 55 N. Jefferson St., Monument, CO, Monument, CO 80132 (see map). Questions or suggestions about the website, please contact us.