Saint Peter Church Vision Statement

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Dear Parishioners,Below is the continuation of our 5 Year Parish Plan:SPIRITUALITY (Corresponding Diocesan Focus Area: “Sacramental, Devotional & Prayer Life”) 

Goal: Foster development of the interior life, spiritual growth, and a deeper, more personal, more intimate relationship with God.

  • Provide expanded hours for the Adoration Chapel and for silent (i.e., no music or spoken prayer) Adoration in the full church.
  • Provide more opportunities for traditional devotions.
  • Host or promote more spiritually oriented retreats, renewals and missions.
  • Sponsor events featuring guest speakers.
  • Increase participation in Reconciliation with greater availability.
  • Promote/Encourage participation in small faith-sharing groups, like “Families of Nazareth”.
  • Expand Home Bound ministry.


to be continued,

Padre G

The Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Week of October 26, 2014

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saints_announcementAll Saints Day and Thanksgiving Day Masses

Fr. Larry will celebrate All Saints Day Mass on Saturday, November 1 at 9:00 am.

There will be a Thanksgiving Day Mass celebrated on November 27 at 9 am.

Challenge logoChallenge Catholic Girls Club

Help our Challenge girls get to spiritual retreats and a summer camp which will aid in the growth of their love for Christ and His Church!  If you have any reusable furniture items in good condition (or even need a little TLC) that you are going to dispose of, please consider donating them to our St. Peters Challenge Club.  Contact Kate Pistro at 337-9792.  For more information on Challenge, click HERE.

VolunteerVolunteering at Saint Peter

There are a myriad of opportunities to share the talent and time God gave you with your parish community.  Click HERE to view information on those opportunities and the easy sign up process.

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary

It is that time when we are reminded of the importance of uniting our prayers with the Mother of God and conforming ourselves to Christ as revealed in the mysteries of His life. We grow in our appreciation of Christ through meditating on these mysteries. We do, however, need to be careful that our prayer does not become wordy and mechanical. Pope Paul VI said “Without contemplation, the Rosary is a body without a soul.” You can find at a scriptural Rosary. Whether you are already in the habit of praying the Rosary and want to renew the spirit of your prayer, or whether you are new to the Rosary and want to learn how to quiet your mind and heart, will help you enter more deeply into the Mysteries of Christ. Come then, come to a quiet place within … visit

Religious Freedom

We must continue our prayers for our nation and become educated, articulate, and active supporters of our religious freedom.  St. Thomas More, Patron of Religious Freedom, Pray for Us. To voice your opinion in the public square, you can contact your elected representatives as follows reference religious liberty in America, see the Federal Legislative Branch website:

Getting Out to Vote

We must do all we can to encourage our parishioners to vote in November, but also to provide them with the kinds of materials that can help them cast a conscientious vote. Unfortunately many of our people still vote in ways that have little or nothing to do with their Catholic faith or with natural law.  Remember that the upcoming election will be the first all write-in vote in the state. Ballots will reach voters by mid-October. Fully one half of those ballots will be returned within a week.  The parish will be providing voting materials from the Colorado Catholic Conference shortly, so watch this space carefully and they will be posted below as follows: 

“The Right to Life the Highest Consideration in Our Voting” – Archbishop Aquila

LifeVote for Life!  “A good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of himself, so that those who govern can govern,” Pope Francis told governors last September. This week I want to examine what it means for Catholics to “offer the best of ourselves,” as we prepare for the November election. At my request, the Denver Catholic Register is helping with this effort by publishing a note from Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Catholics in political life over the next few weeks (click to read Part 1Part 2).

One subject that I want to address is the idea of “single-issue voting.” For Catholics to “meddle in politics” and “offer the best of ourselves,” we have to be well formed in the entirety of our faith. We have to know the hierarchy of truths and understand that some issues are fundamental, while others are less important for our families, fellow citizens, communities and society to truly flourish. Catholics are frequently blamed for being single-issue voters when the topics of abortion and embryonic stem-cell research are raised. But, as the note from the CDF makes clear, the right to life serves as a cornerstone for the foundation of society. Every human being, from the moment of conception until natural death, has a God-given dignity, which a just society recognizes.The U.S. Bishops’ 2011 document Faithful Citizenship specifically mentions this when it declares, “This exercise of conscience begins with outright opposition to laws and other policies that violate human life or weaken its protection. Those who knowingly, willingly and directly support public policies or legislation that undermine fundamental moral principles cooperate with evil” (#31).

In other words, making the right to life the highest consideration in our voting is not a matter of blindly voting for a candidate because of one issue. It is a matter of understanding that the right to life – which is directly threatened by abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and in some cases, war – is the foundation of all other rights.

When you decide how you will vote, this basic right must be considered indispensable. It is not acceptable to choose an issue of lesser importance, such as party affiliation, and let it determine your vote.  Faithful Citizenship notes, “…a well-formed conscience … recognizes that all issues do not carry the same moral weight” (#37).  In the current political landscape, this often leaves Catholics with difficult choices. It may mean deciding to vote for an imperfect candidate who you think is less likely to advance a morally flawed position and more likely to advance policies that truly benefit society and the dignity of every human being.

The note from the CDF also makes a crucial distinction about living in a diverse society. It is important to not fall victim to the false and dangerous idea that there are no truths common to all people. The growing spread of relativism – the idea that each person has his or her own truth – must be rejected. People must realize that a society which ignores human nature and natural law will soon be without any foundation and will eventually disintegrate.

This November every person of voting age will be asked to exercise their faith and discern how these principles factor into who you vote for. As your shepherd, I ask that you take this responsibility seriously and work to fully form your conscience. Be not afraid to bring your faith into the voting booth, just as non-believers bring their values into the voting booth.

May the Holy Spirit pour out his gifts of wisdom, counsel and understanding on you!

Tri Lakes Cares Needs for October

Our needs this month include: Brown sugar – one pound box or bag; Confectioners’ sugar – one pound box or bag; Canned evaporated milk; Canned sweetened condensed milk; Red and green Jell-O mix (one of each – for holidays); Canned Yams – large cans; and Cranberry Sauce – whole or jellied.

Saint Peter Five-Year Plan Has Arrived   

The St. Peter Parish Council has compiled and prayerfully reviewed parish survey results, including 434 survey questionnaires, inputs from 65 town hall attendees, and 50 interviews. Also included in our review were data from the surrounding communities. We would like to thank all those who’ve participated in the process by filling out survey questionnaires, responding to interview requests, and/or participating in one of our two town hall planning meetings. Because of this feedback, a plan has been created that will help guide St. Peter Parish into the future. Thank you. To view the plan, click on the banner above.

October is Respect Life Month

October is Respect Life Month and Saint Peter parish is participating in a number of events scheduled for this time.  Click here to view the October calendar on the Respect Life webpage. This Saturday, October 11, from 6am -6pm is our parish 40 Days for Life 12 hour commitment outside the Planned Parenthood abortion chamber north of the King Soopers at Centennial and Fillmore.  Please check your busy weekend calendar and see if you can squeeze in just one hour to come and pray for the mothers and fathers and their innocent little ones who are in danger of being aborted.  Let Stephanie Kemp know if you can volunteer an hour at . When you are down at Planned Parenthood on October 11th you are at what Father Bill Carmody calls,  “the gates of hell.” When you know what goes on inside to God’s innocent little ones (no matter how small) and you know the suffering to the wounded moms and dads who live years with the pain, guilt and shame of an abortion decision, this is an apt description.  You know those who suffer before returning to God’s tender embrace of forgiveness and healing have truly entered a hell that the secular world exalts. Our hope has always been in past years, and continues to be, six people in prayer every hour on the sidewalk. Saint Peter has managed to get close to that commitment whether it is in the springtime or the fall 40 Days for Life  campaigns. Some parishes in town cover one entire day every week. We only have one day (on a weekend) to fill.

Main Office: phone (719) 481-3511, 55 N. Jefferson St., Monument, CO, Monument, CO 80132 (see map). Questions or suggestions about the website, please contact us.